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About Us

A group of people who are owned by bulldogs (sometimes called British Bulldogs or English Bulldogs) have decided to periodically get together to enjoy the company of each other and their dogs. A few families have non-bulldogs (Shar-Pei, Neapolitan Mastiffs, poodles, and Corgies just to name a couple) and they are welcome as well. 

We gain many things by getting together. Among them are friendship, camaraderie, and sharing knowledge about our very special and unique dogs.  Sometimes other people have had a particular behavior or health challenge and can provide insight to someone experiencing that for the first time. The people who gather have expressed concern at not being able to get these things anywhere else. You don't have to have a bulldog to come visit with us! We welcome people who are considering adding a bulldog to their family and are looking for more information.

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