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Why would I come to WST?  (Back to the top)

Besides the obvious answer of having fun, talking bulldogs, and showing off your bulldog, we gain many things by getting together. Among them are friendship, camaraderie, and sharing knowledge about our very special and unique dogs.  Sometimes other people have had a particular behavior or health challenge and can provide insight to someone experiencing that for the first time. The people who gather have expressed concern at not being able to get these things anywhere else. You don't have to have a bulldog to come visit with us! We welcome people who are considering adding a bulldog to their family and are looking for more information.

Do I have to live in the twin cities? Or Minnesota? (Back to the top)

People who attend our gatherings are from all over Minnesota, but we are not limited to Minnesota. If you would like to make the drive to Burnsville, we welcome you! 

What does it cost? (Back to the top)

Nothing! Through the generosity of Pet Supplies Plus, we do not pay for the room we meet in. We ask you to please express your appreciation to Pet Supplies Plus staff if you do attend a meeting.

Do I have to have a "show" bulldog to attend? (Back to the top)

No! We love all bulldogs! Many of us do not "show" bulldogs, but simply love them. Others of us don't even have a bulldog!  Still others have bulldogs who do go to shows, but they are our pets first and foremost.

What dog(s)/puppy can I bring? (Back to the top)

We really don't have "rules" on what kinds of dogs you can bring. We are a group of people who are owned by bulldogs (sometimes called British Bulldogs or English Bulldogs) who periodically get together to enjoy each the company of each other and their dogs. A few families have non-bulldogs (Shar-Pei, Neapolitan Mastiffs, poodles, and Corgies just to name a couple) and they are welcome as well.

We suggest you talk to your veterinarian about what vaccinations are appropriate for your dog.  Please make sure they are up to date for the safety of you, your dog and any other dogs.  We ask that you not bring aggressive dogs. Please use common sense to keep everyone safe, comfortable and having fun.

We do not suggest brining puppies younger than 9 weeks, or those that have not had their vaccinations.

Are you the St. Paul / Minneapolis Bulldog Club, Inc.? (Back to the top)

No.  We may have people attend Wrinkle Social Time (WST) who are also members of that club, but we are not affiliated with them. Our group has no business meeting, limited politics, and our focus is 100% socialization, fun, and educating each other.

You do not need to "apply" to attend WST, nor are you expected to attend a certain number of meetings, etc.

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