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Bulldogs are definitely a unique breed. They have their own challenges and require some special treatment (or at least THEY think so!). Here are some links to help you find a special bulldog friend and treat him/her right when you do find them!

Do not buy a puppy off the Internet.  Be careful of anyone who will sell a puppy to someone they have not met. Getting a bulldog puppy is more like adoption than a "sale." If you are interested in a bulldog or bulldog puppy, please contact us and we will try to help you find a reputable breeder in your area. We recommend buying directly from a breeder, from their home, where you can at least meet the mother of the litter.  If you buy from a stranger, pet shop, or off the Internet, please be careful.  And don't be surprised if the situation turns out to be less than ideal.  In our opinion, a breeder should be willing to answer questions AFTER the puppy is placed in your home, as well as when you are researching.  The Bulldog Club of America is a large club and there are reputable breeders in every part of the country.  You may need to be patient, as most breeders do not have litters regularly.  Being patient is worth it for these wonderful companions!

Suggestions from the Bulldog Club of America for getting a good quality bulldog puppy


 What do GOOD breeders do?

And there is most definitely a difference between a breeder and a GOOD breeder.



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